Growing your organic following

Growing your organic following

Social media marketing is one of the most prevalent forms of low-cost marketing to have swept the business world in the past decade. It can be a fantastic resource for reaching your target market if you are able to develop a comprehensive social media strategy. One of the biggest setbacks is the initial stage of building your organic following from the ground up (assuming you don’t want to pay for clicks or followers). We’ve got a few tips to help you grow your organic following and reach a wider audience.

Optimize your website for social

Add social sharing icons such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram to your website. Make sure these are easily accessible from every page, especially your homepage and blogs. This will allow website visitors to quickly share content to other platforms, as well as easily locate your social media pages. Always make sure your website and social media icons are optimized for mobile.

Post updates regularly:

Post updates regularlyThe only way to engage with your audience is by posting relevant content that will entice them to like, share, and comment. Most high performing companies post various updates to their accounts multiple times a week, if not every day. This can be a variety of content you’ve created or shared from other sites. As long as it is relevant to your scope of work, go ahead and share it. The more updates you post, the better chance your audience has of seeing it.

Use employee networks to your advantage:

Unless you work alone or are self-employed, one of the assets in building your organic following will be the existing social media networks of your employees. Encourage your coworkers to share your page, content updates, or work events. On the Linkedin network, employees can add your company to their Linkedin profiles and follow your company page. Facebook also makes tapping into your employee’s social networks easy. Remind your coworkers to share their pages with friends, as well as inviting friends to like your page. On the Instagram platform, apps like Repost make it easy for your co-workers to share company updates on their personal pages. Make your social media strategy a team effort and encourage everyone to get involved.

Use employee networks

Building an organic following while starting from scratch can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. We can help you create quality content and develop a consistent posting cadence. Additionally, we can help to identify target audiences within each social media network.  Don’t forget – social media is social. That means you can’t expect a one-sided relationship with your audience. Make sure to positively interact with your followers.


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