The Latest Happenings with PSC – May Update

May Update

It’s been awhile since we posted a blog or any kind of update to our site. We’ve been super busy working on some exciting projects and I wanted to give you all a May update!

Cornerstone Concierge

One of our partners Cornerstone Advisors Inc. recently launched an all new experience for their clients called Cornerstone Concierge. We worked with them to develop a responsive site featuring the experience and it went like a couple weeks ago! To see the experience (and the rather nifty design) go to

Cornerstone Concierge - May Update

Infuse Svelga Board in action - May UpdateInfuse 2018/Svelga

The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) last Saturday held their inaugural Infuse 2018 conference  to provide an intentional moment for physicians to think about themselves, explore their passions, and connect with the joy in practicing medicine. It presented a lineup of speakers ranging from Virginia influencers to national innovators. The summit infused panels discussions, creative demonstrations, artistic fusion and culinary offerings.

As part of the conference, the organizers came to us with a request: provide a simple way for conference goers to be able to questions anonymously with an easy to use interface, display those questions, and to be able track the social media about the event – all on one page. We quickly put our heads together and thus Svelga was born. We branded their Svelga board to their conference and it was used to great success!

RVATech Gala - May UpdateRVATech Gala

If you haven’t seen the awesome rebrand of Morton you should definetly check it out. We developed and launched their newly rebranded site a little while ago and continue to partner with them on other projects with their marketing.

One Wednesday we were invited by them as guests to the RVATech Gala! If you are a tech company or staffing agency in RVA this is a can’t miss event. We had an absolute thrill networking with everyone at the gala, and thoroughly enjoyed the awards show.

Congrats to all the winners:

Intern (aka Minion)

We have our first company intern! Ms. Morgan Brette just finished her first year at VCU and is joining us to learn more about running a creative business. She will be with us through the rest of the summer, and we fully expect she will be tired of the constant “Wouldn’t it be cool if” outbursts.

Coming Up:

This week we’ve been working with the Virginia Department of Health on this years “Swim Healthy, Stay Healthy” campaign to create a new brand, landing page (which we are calling a Splash Page), and storyboard for three animated videos featuring an all-new mascot! The Splash page will be going live later this week.

We have been working steadily on newest version of our site, which I have affectionally dubbed – “PSC – The Dawn of Colors”. Our site is pretty static at the moment and feels rigid compared to the personality of the company. We’ve decided a couple months ago we needed to fix that. So expect in the very near future an all new experience with an explosion of colors, interactivity, and personality.

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Thats all for this week, expect more great things coming soon!


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