Latest Happenings at PSC – Summer 2018

We have had an amazing summer so far and we hope you have too. We’ve been busy with projects, fireworks, presentations, volunteer work, and barbecue! Read more about what we’ve been up to lately!


Firstly, you may have noticed that our website looks a bit different. The old saying of “working on your projects always falls to last” certainly has been the case for us. In the fall, we did a slight refresh on our website. After six months of looking at the design, wanted  decided there was room for improvement. What started as simple introspective look at our website turned into a full-blown rebrand. We looked at our messaging, our colors, our fonts, and the overall static nature of our website and decided to fix it all in one fell swoop. Our favorite new feature, out of many, is our homepage dot animation.

With all of the changes for our brand, we also took a look at our swag starting with our business cards. We’ve had an evolution over the past few years and are absolutely thrilled with how our latest cards look.

Version One Business Cards
Version 2 of Business Cards
Version 3 of Business Cards

4th of July

Kansas City Fireworks

The Pixelstrike team enjoyed some time off for Independence Day with Joe travelling to Kansas City, MO where he enjoyed a KC Royals game, spent some time with family, and spent every waking moment he could eating KC barbecue. Meanwhile, back in RVA, Louise and Juliette enjoyed a cookout and watched the fireworks at Dogwood Dell.


Lewis Ginter Butterfly Garden

We’re always looking for ways to give back to our RVA community. This summer, Louise trained to be a Butterfly Ambassador through the volunteer program at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Her weekends are now spent educating visitors on the lives of butterflies and moths, as well as helping out around the spectacular gardens. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

AMC Retreat

On July 10th, Louise and Joe had the distinction of presenting at the VSAE AMC retreat at the Graduate Hotel in downtown Richmond. Our presentation, Creative Communication, addressed some of the challenges faced by associations and AMCs when it comes to developing their digital communication strategy. If you want to know a little more read our blog about it!

Client News:

Bellgrade Dry Cleaners

Homepage - Bellgrade Dry Cleaners

We worked with the owners of Bellgrade Dry Cleaners to design and develop a brand new website for the new ownership. Continuing with the same great service, the new owners wanted a website refresh to reflect the more modern, organized approach they take to raise the bar even higher.


Client Cober Homepage

We’ve been working with Cober, Inc, an expert in the design and manufacturing of industrial process heating and drying systems based in Stratford, CT, to modernize their website. After a full content review and site re-organization, we dove head first into developing their sleek and modern website with the launch completed in Mid-July.

Covenant Brochure

This summer, we also worked with the team at Covenant Building & Design to create a brochure that would display their beautiful custom homes and explain their unique process to their potential clients. Using a mix of professional photography, typography, and branded imagery, we were able to design a final product that would inspire and delight their clients.

Convenant Brochure Front

Eisenman & Associates

Eisenman & Associates - Homepage

Congratulations are in order for the team at Eisenman & Associates who launched their new website in mid-July. As part of their 25th year of operations, the team at E&A felt their brand needed some freshening up. We designed a new logo, business collateral, and fully responsive website for E&A, reorganizing their content and writing new language to help share their message. Eisenman & Associates now has a modern brand to take them into the next 25 years of business.

Southern States

Sometimes you just need more marketing bandwidth – that’s where we step in. Southern States has a few initiatives going on, but simply needed some experts to jump in and take some work off their shoulders. We have spent most of the summer consulting with them on their email automation, their new website, content migration, search engine optimization, and landing pages. We will be working with them in an ongoing basis and are thrilled to have such an amazing company as our newest client.

Coming Up:

  • We’ve been working with the Virginia Department of Health on some marketing for their “Swim Healthy, Stay Healthy” campaign. We already launched the landing page, but our favorite part that you will soon see on social media is three animated videos.
  • Another great local company we are doing work for is Green Air, Inc. In an effort to cut through the rest of their competitors we are putting together a sales book of their products and a showcase best-in-class work.
  • A couple of super secret, but can’t talk about (yet) projects, going live this fall that we are excited to be working on.

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