Our enormously dedicated, coffee crazed team.

Juliette Oliva
Creative Director
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Joseph Baker
Operations Director
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Louise Strickland
Brand Strategist
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Joshua Squires
SEO Specialist
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Morgan Brette
Summer Intern
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How it all began…

Juliette and Joe first met when they were placed on the same enterprise design team. Joe was the team’s “thrown into the fire” front end developer, and Juliette was the team’s star designer. After a few weeks, they struck up a friendship and began to compare notes on their freelance projects. They ended up hiring each other to work on various projects, finding that they worked well together with minimal throttling. In particular, they found a shared interest in using their talents to help companies with their marketing and to help avoid avoid the pitfalls they had seen from other agencies.

The J’s are particularly in sync when it comes to all the nonsense they’ve witnesses other agencies get away with, like slow response times, lack of communication, high prices, and lackadaisical attitudes. Also in sync is their love for the color orange. Because it is awesome.

After Joe left that company, they kept messaging each other to share designs and projects. After a little pestering and Joe’s wife acknowledging he had a “work wife” in Juliette, they decided to make their partnership official and started Pixelstrike Creative. Due to high demand for their services, they grew the business past freelance to the agency it is today.

Our Values


We endeavor to deliver services and creative work that you can rely on. We strive to keep our promises, do what we say we will do, and be sincere and earnest in all of our efforts. We always try to do the right thing.


We believe in the potential of our people. This means empowering each other to strive for improvement and growth, to be human and to have fun. We put the interest of our people, partners, and clients first.


Innovation isn’t just about the next cool idea. We believe that innovation is about seeing the bigger picture and connecting the dots. We do our work with a client’s own brand and unique set of challenges in mind. We work with purpose.


Creativity is at the core of who we are. We strive to design custom solutions for our clients, embracing experimentation and keeping an open mind, as well as finding the most effective, inspired solutions.


We believe in being transparent with our clients, and that means being honest enough to tell them when an idea might not be in their best interest.

Social Responsibility

We work with clients that share our ideals and standards. Giving back to the community and helping those around us is always front-of-mind.


We aim to create the very best work that we can do. With a careful attentiveness to every detail, we create work that stands out, and facilitates your business in making an impact.

Community Involvement

Our team is proud to support our community through partnerships with charitable organizations that share our values.