June Lara

Fullstack Developer

I started tinkering with CSS and HTML in junior high when Myspace was popular and proceeded to take a web development elective in my upperclassman high school years. I traditionally started pursuing computer science, I then shortly decided to join the new wave of Academics, and graduated from The University of Texas’ Full Stack Engineering/Web Development program. Let me traverse a bit – with most of my free time, I took an interest in advancing global financial payment systems. For our final project, a classmate and I founded an application called Ugate, a currency exchange connecting the world to Ripple’s payment ledger.

As a Full Stack Web developer at Pixelstrike, I work alongside the team and various clients to bring product ideas to life. My main stack of choice is the MERN stack, MongoDB, Express, React and Nodejs, however, my package.json can elaborate on many more technologies used within each unique application. At Pixelstrike, I am given the opportunity to push the envelope of bleeding edge web as I am persistently studying and attending my active meetups, always surrounded by an awesome community. Our clients get unprecedentedly fast, modern, responsive applications and, for the most part, get out from underneath legacy systems.