Juliette Oliva


Tell us a little bit about your background and your role at Pixelstrike

I have been working in the wondering world of design since 2005. I graduated from Portland State University in Oregon and worked as an in-house designer for various companies for several years, handling everything from marketing outreach, web & print design, and branding. I moved to Virginia in 2008 and since then have spent some years at Capital One on their digital design team. I also spent some time at Southern States Cooperative on their web & marketing team. Additionally, through the years I have worked for a variety of companies both large and small in a freelancing capacity – handling everything from Social Media outreach and graphics to print design, album art, branding, logos, tradeshow graphics, website design, UX, etc.

At Pixelstrike, in addition to being co-owner and managing administrative duties, I also act as the primary designer/art director.

You are given the day off to do anything but work.  How do you spend your day?

With the resources and a day off, I would definitely be in a studio somewhere making stained glass.

What is your favorite quote?

“I am not young enough to know everything” –Oscar Wilde

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am in no way shape or form a vegetarian or vegan.

What is your perfect pizza?

I don’t care what anybody says. Pineapple on pizza is amazing when accompanied by ham.

You can become a master of a skill instantly tomorrow morning. What skill would that be and why?

Animation! I have always loved and wanted to learn that medium, but never seem to get around to it.