Why Us?

Some companies will advertise a “collaborative work environment”– but it’s rarely as good as it sounds. At Pixelstrike Creative, collaboration is how we thrive. Each team member brings unique insight to every task. We want your feedback, your input. We want someone with ideas who knows there’s often more than one way of doing things.

“Team Player” is also thrown around a lot in job descriptions. This is especially important here. We’re small, but that’s because we know how to do more with less. It means you might be expected to take on some tasks outside your area of expertise (we really try to play to your strengths as much as possible). At the end of the day, we want team members who are willing to do a little more to make sure the important stuff gets done.

Be a communicator. Transparency is key to our success. We aim to keep each other appraised of what’s going on in our tasks and interactions with each other as well as clients. To us, being a good communicator means being a good listener, responding in a timely manner, and keeping the team informed.

Open Positions